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Diagon Alley ATX Logo DesignLogo Design Diagon Alley ATX

Diagon Alley ATX Logo Design

Amanda Steele and her husband Joel Pace are now in their 3rd year of recreating Diagon Alley in our neighborhood in Austin, TX. They’ve built all the sets from scratch and visitors stand in line for over 2 hours so they can walk through and enjoy the magic. This year, I created [pro-bono] the Bat Snitch – the official logo for Diagon Alley ATX. The Bat Snitch is a combination of Austin’s unofficial mascot, the bat, and of course, the famous Quidditch snitch. The design was immediately embraced by the Diagon Alley ATX followers and one fan even had it tattooed on her arm. All donations received at the event are donated to two charities close to Amanda and Joel’s hearts. Fabulous!

DateOctober 2019
CategoryLogo Design
ClientDiagon Alley ATX

Diagon Alley ATX Poster DesignCreative Corner batsnitchposter_small

Diagon Alley ATX Poster Design

Diagon Alley ATX casts its spell over the Austin, TX community for only a few days each year. This poster was displayed in various local businesses and online to advertise the special event.

DateOctober 2019

CategoryCreative Corner
ClientDiagon Alley ATX

Lighthouse Care Coaching Community LogoLogo Design lighthouse_small

Lighthouse Care Coaching Community Logo

Business owner Bekah Self already had a base design of her logo but understood that it needed some refinements. Freshly Cut Design quickly went to work to build on her original concept. Bekah’s “mind blown!” exclamations were proof that she now has a logo she can use for years to come!

DateSeptember 2019
CategoryLogo Design
ClientLighthouse Care Coaching Community

Baby Snot RagzLogo Design Baby Snot Ragz Logo

Baby Snot Ragz

Elizabeth Schaeffer designs and creates unique baby blankets and burp clothes using edgy, super-fun and stylish fabrics that are soft to the touch. Her baby products deviate away from the generic pink and blue baby products on the market today. Elizabeth’s logo reflects the personalities of the edgy moms who purchase her products.

DateMay 2017
CategoryLogo Design
ClientBaby Snot Ragz
Burget Avenue PressLogo Design burgetave_small

Burget Avenue Press

Maura Thomas is a public speaker and productivity trainer helping busy professionals stay on task throughout their work day. Her new book, Work Without Walls, is published under her Burget Avenue Press brand. I had the honor of designing her logo.

DateSeptember 2016
CategoryLogo Design
ClientBurget Avenue Press
The Urban OkieLogo Design The Urban Okie

The Urban Okie

The Urban Okie creates modern furniture from up-cycled wood, fences, other wood sources. Their beautiful furniture has a rustic feel but is fully functional and fits right into the modern home. They’re located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

DateSeptember 2015
CategoryLogo Design
ClientThe Urban Okie
Arete Pet Styling, Inc.Logo Design arete_small

Arete Pet Styling, Inc.

Arete means “excellence” and those are values that Cindy Matzen exhibits with her mobile pet styling business in Dripping Springs, TX. She loves her new logo with the swooping kitty “tail” and golden paw print in the “A”.

DateMay 2015
CategoryLogo Design
ClientArete Pet Styling, Inc.
Infinite View ImagesLogo Design infiniteview_small

Infinite View Images

Austin, TX photographer Shawn Thomas creates pieces of art with his images. They inspire, calm, and beautiful the spaces they occupy allowing viewers to relish in the infinite beauty that surrounds us in this world. He desired a logo that would reflect this infinite beauty and one that would also incorporate his business initials “ivi”. He absolutely loves the results.

DateOctober 2015
CategoryLogo Design
ClientInfinite View Images
Asset Management 2-page BrochurePrint Design assetmanagement_small

Asset Management 2-page Brochure

Asset Management approached Freshly Cut Design requesting a 2-page flyer that would highlight the key features of Asset Management, a software designed to help manage construction projects. The results detail the benefits of the software as well as showcase graphical screenshots of the software.

DateSeptember 2019
CategoryPrint Design
ClientAsset Management – an Owner Insite company
Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill AdvertisementPrint Design OakhillTKD_Patton2019_Small

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill Advertisement

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill is a taekwondo school in south Austin. They often promote their business with local schools. This advertisement is printed on the inside of each student’s “take-home” folder.

DateSeptember 2019
CategoryPrint Design
ClientTiger-Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill
Kuk Sool Won Teacher’s Appreciation InvitationPrint Design ksw_teachers2017_small

Kuk Sool Won Teacher’s Appreciation Invitation

Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill celebrates Austin area school teachers each year with a dinner and demonstration. Freshly Cut Design has designed their invitation for the past two years.

DateFebruary 2017
CategoryPrint Design
ClientBarbara Weiss with Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill

Then and Now 2015Creative Corner Jack_thenandnow_small

Then and Now 2015

My son Jack joined Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill in 2008 at the age of 5. In July 2017, he tested for his Probationary 4th Degree Black Belt. This scrapbook page honors his journey. Freshly Cut Design loves turning treasured photographs into framable pieces of art.

Professionally printed – 12×12 inches

DateNovember 2015
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientJack Johnson – Then and Now 2015
Taekwondo Journey 2018Creative Corner Sr4th_TKDjourney_small

Taekwondo Journey 2018

The journey to Senior 4th Degree Black Belt with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts was long and adventurous, and these 9 photos are only a snapshot of what supported me as I traveled that road. This scrapbook page is a testimony of what it took to get me to this point.

Professionally printed – 12×12 inches

DateJune 2018
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientStephanie Johnson – TKD Journey
Photo Restoration SampleCreative Corner Restoration_small

Photo Restoration Sample

So many of us have old photos stashed away in shoeboxes, old magnetic photo albums and tucked away in drawers. The colors have faded and the unattractive crease lines keep us from framing these ancestral treasures. Allow Freshly Cut Design to restore them to their former glory! Great care is taken to ensure that creases are removed, scratches and dust eliminated and the colors are restored.

DateMarch 2018
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientPhoto Restoration

Wash Day Laundry Best of Austin AwardCreative Corner 2015_washday_small

Wash Day Laundry Best of Austin Award

Wash Day Laundry won the Best of Austin Award for Best Laudromat for 2015! Owner Louise Mann desired a unique way to showcase her achievement. This piece hangs in both of her Austin laundromats.

DateOctober 2015
CategoryPrint Design
ClientLouise Mann of Wash Day Laundry
Ocean Watercolor Bridal Shower Invitation oceanbridal_small

Ocean Watercolor Bridal Shower Invitation

Allow Freshly Cut Cards to create a truly unique invitation for your upcoming bridal shower or bridal tea. This is one of the many options available in our Etsy store (known as Freshly Cut Cards). Professional printing is available, and all invitations ship with white envelopes. The reviews speak for themselves. You’ll absolutely love your invitations!

DateJune 2018
CategoryCreative Corner
Austin Lyric Opera Libiamo Gala InvitationPrint Design austinopera_serenata_small

Austin Lyric Opera Libiamo Gala Invitation

This invitation was designed for Austin Lyric Opera’s Libiamo! Gala. Freshly Cut Design also produced VIP reception cards, social media headers, RSVP cards, table & choice cards, a save the date and the program book cover.

DateJuly 2017
CategoryPrint Design
ClientAusitn Lyric Opera
20th Anniversary PosterCreative Corner 20thanniversary_small

20th Anniversary Poster

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in 2016. The years have been filled with more than minutes and days, and this poster was created as testimony to many of the things we have shared, created and owned through the years.

Professionally printed – 12×18 inches

DateAugust 2016
CategoryCreative Corner
Client20th Anniversary Poster
Maura Thomas – Regain Your Time 2018 Holiday CardCreative Corner 2019_mauracard_small

Maura Thomas – Regain Your Time 2018 Holiday Card

Freshly Cut Design has created many graphical pieces for Maura Thomas over the years. Last year, Maura requested a holiday card that aligned with her call to controlling an individual’s attention. The snowflakes begin randomly on the left and slowly align themselves into neat rows at the point.

DateNovember 2018
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientMaura Thomas
Trust Score Card by Scott Carley – 6×9 inPrint Design trustcard_small

Trust Score Card by Scott Carley – 6×9 in

Scott Carley is a motivational and keynote speaker based in Austin, TX. Many of Scott’s speeches are accompanied by a printed hand-out that needed some TLC. Freshly Cut Design completely redesigned Scott’s PDF and Trust Score Card. Each item accurately reflects Scott’s professionalism. Gone are the basic Word Doc printouts. The final print size for this piece is 6×9 inches.

DateOctober 2019
CategoryPrint Design
ClientScott Carley – The Change Energizer
Klayman Chiropractic Bifold – 11×8.5 inchesPrint Design Klayman_small

Klayman Chiropractic Bifold – 11×8.5 inches

Dr. Steven Klayman desired a bifold brochure detailing his background and chiropractic services. Dr. Klayman practices in Austin, TX. The final print size is 11×8.5 inches.

DateJanuary 2016
CategoryPrint Design
ClientKlayman Chiropractic
Breaking 16 Birthday InvitationCreative Corner Breaking 16 Invitation

Breaking 16 Birthday Invitation

This invitation was created for a client whose teenager was in love with the show Breaking Bad. She wanted to mimic the feel of the show for her daughter’s 16th birthday party, and they totally loved the results!

DateNovember 2014
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientClient in Austin, TX
Game On Birthday InvitationCreative Corner GameOn_small

Game On Birthday Invitation

This is just one of hundreds of invitations and party printables available on Freshly Cut Design’s Etsy shop (called Freshly Cut Cards). Custom orders are gladly welcomed in addition to the cost-effective options already available.

DateOctober 2018
CategoryCreative Corner
Star Trek Christmas InvitationCreative Corner Star Trek Christmas Invitation

Star Trek Christmas Invitation

This was – by far- one of the strangest and most fun requests for invitation design. This was for a gay couple who wanted to combine their love of Christmas and Star Trek into their wedding invitation. The results were fabulous – and fascinating!

DateAugust 2014
CategoryCreative Corner
Karmassage Austin Deep Tissue MassageLogo Design karmassage_small

Karmassage Austin Deep Tissue Massage

Brandy Credeur is a massage therapist in Austin, TX. She had a very specific idea in mind for her logo. Freshly Cut Design took her ideas from an idea to an identity.

DateSeptember 2015
CategoryLogo Design
ClientKarmassage Austin Deep Tissue Massage
The Wren’s NestLogo Design The Wren's Nest

The Wren’s Nest

Whitney O’Baugh started The Wren’s Nest in an effort to avoid all of the extra chemicals, perfumes and dyes added to conventional bath and body products. She asked for a logo that would reflect her natural product but would appeal to all types of people. She loves her new brand! Freshly Cut Design also created product labels for her lip balms and bath bombs.

DateMarch 2013
CategoryLogo Design
ClientThe Wren’s Nest
LinkThe Wren’s Nest on Facebook
Tailor-Made Senior ServicesLogo Design tailormade_small

Tailor-Made Senior Services

Tailor Made Senior Services helps families place their senior loved ones into assisted living facilities. The logo plays on the idea of the one-of-a-kind, customized solutions they create for each family.

DateApril 2015
CategoryLogo Design
ClientTailor-Made Senior Services

Revel & ShineLogo Design revelandshine_small copy

Revel & Shine

Revel & Shine is the brain-child of Hannah Wolniewitz, a public speaker in Austin, TX. Hannah’s primary audience is composed of women in their 30′s and 40′s, and her speeches are designed to help women embrace their lives and shine within them.

DateFebruary 2015
CategoryLogo Design
ClientRevel & Shine

Quilt-N-A-FlashLogo Design qnaflash_small


Cheryl Matzen developed a brand new system for fast and easy quilting. She requested that her logo pull in the idea of the quilting square templates from her new system. The result is a bright, beautiful and modern-looking logo that accurately represents her new business.

DateMay 2015
CategoryLogo Design
Sherman & Company RealtorsLogo Design Sherman & Company Realtors

Sherman & Company Realtors

Les Sherman is a realtor based in Austin, TX with a sister office in Kerrville, TX. Les desired a logo that was unique and modern with an Austin touch. Freshly Cut Design completed his logo, business cards, letterhead and an 8×3 foot banner to complete his branding.

DateMarch 2013
CategoryLogo Design
ClientSherman & Company Realtors
Check Into Facebook PromotionPrint Design Check in on Facebook

Check Into Facebook Promotion

Kuk Sool Won wanted to increase their social media presence and asked me to design a promotional piece to hang in their martial arts school.

DateApril 2015
CategoryPrint Design
ClientBarbara Weiss with Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill

Kuk Sool Won Promotional Easter PosterPrint Design ksw_easter2017_small

Kuk Sool Won Promotional Easter Poster

I’ve created a poster advertising Kuk Sool Won’s Easter party for the past 5 years, but this year is by far my favorite. I added martial arts belts to each bunny’s waist and turned them into Ninja Bunnies!

DateApril 2017
CategoryPrint Design
ClientBarbara Weiss with Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill

I Believe Sticker for LP FirmCreative Corner ibelievesticker_small

I Believe Sticker for LP Firm

This 3×3″ sticker was created for the Levatino Pace Law Firm to include in their holiday greeting cards for their clients.

DateDecember 2014
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientLevatino Pace law firm
TaxelopeLogo Design The Taxelope Logo


Freshly Launched – a logo for a division The Solomon Group, a financial services company located in Austin, TX. The playful logo was designed to bring some light onto a rather taxing situation. The Taxelope program was designed to make taxes less taxing for individuals and businesses. Read all about it on their website!

DateOctober 2012
CategoryLogo Design
ClientThe Taxelope

Simplification Services PostcardPrint Design Postcard for Simplification Services

Simplification Services Postcard

Kelly Butcher, owner of Simplification Services, desired a postcard size advertisement that could be mailed out to potential clients. Freshly Cut Design tailored the stock photography to match the logo and designed the postcard to the client’s requests. Kelly loved the results! Final print size is 8.5×5.5 inches

DateFebruary 2013
CategoryPrint Design
ClientSimplifciation Services
Try Squared & TrueLogo Design Try Squared & True

Try Squared & True

Michael Madden, owner of Try Squared & True located in southwest Austin, struggled to come up with a name for his business that would combine his Christian ethics with his carpentry skills. After much deliberation, Try Squared & True was born! His logo clearly reflects on his field of expertise all with a modern flair.

DateDecember 2012
CategoryLogo Design
ClientTry Squared & True
On Ramp Video ProductionLogo Design On Ramp Video Production

On Ramp Video Production

On Ramp Video is an Austin-based video production company and are the video version of a good headshot photographer. They assist small businesses by producing 1-minute branding commercials that are then placed on YouTube and embedded web sites

DateAugust 2012
CategoryLogo Design
ClientOn Ramp Video Production
Jeanine Hemingway, CPA LogoLogo Design Logo for Jeanine Hemingway, CPA

Jeanine Hemingway, CPA Logo

Jeanine needed to refresh her existing logo. Her old logo used a font that had a jagged edge around the letters and a drop shadow that failed to print well. Her new redesign features a clean, clear font that has a professional look and vibe. Her branding package also included business card and letterhead design.

DateAugust 2012
CategoryLogo Design
ClientJeanine Hemingway, CPA
Melaleuca 1/2 Page AdPrint Design melaleuca_small

Melaleuca 1/2 Page Ad

Kelly Connor runs a Melaleuca business and desired a half page advertisement to help her promote her products and business model.

DateJuly 2011
CategoryPrint Design
ClientKelly Connor
3×3 Sticker for UT at AustinCreative Corner utsticker_small

3×3 Sticker for UT at Austin

The University of Texas Professional Development Center asked me to design and produce a new kind of marketing campaign. Information about their department was dispersed onto 5 separate 5×5 cards (that I also had the privilege to design) and then tucked into a navy blue envelope. I designed this sticker to place on the front of the envelope. The striking color combination gave the finished product some serious “wow” factor!

DateMarch 2012
CategoryCreative Corner
ClientMaureen Schwartz for UT Professional Development Center

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