Hola mes amis. (A little Spanish. A little French. That’s what I get for living in Texas and taking 4 years of French through college…)

*bowing* I’m so happy you found me! My name is Stephanie, creator and solo-preneur of Freshly Cut Cards, a small, handmade custom card and invitation business based in Austin, TX. Freshly Cut Cards evolved from my love of graphic design, my passion for Photoshop, and my desire to be unique and creative. My graphic design background is around 10 years old and originated during the Dot Com boom and bust. After my 3 kids were born, I took that same passion for creativity and began scrapbooking. My friends told me that I was pretty good & I worked up the courage to submit my creations to several popular scrapbooking magazines. To my delight, many of my scrapbook layouts were published. From my love of photos, I merged the worlds of pixels and paper and added card making into the mix. I discovered that card making was faster and for me, more fun than scrapbooking. The smaller area forced me to stretch my imagination, and the results were unlike anything that lined the card aisles at the local grocery store.

In March of 2010, I launched Freshly Cut Cards and have 3 unique branches to my business. The first is my individual and unique custom cards. I can use your photographs, add the recipients name, use a favorite color or flower, or take outrageous special requests. Members can join my Card Club and sign up to have a years worth of cards for special occasions delivered straight to them without ever having to rush to the store for a last minute cards. And a card from Freshly Cut Cards will definitely get you noticed.

The second branch to my business involves orders of 10 cards or more. Invitations of all kinds, greeting cards with business logos, baby announcements and wedding invitations fall into this category.  I design the top portion of the card in Photoshop and have it professionally printed. Once I get it back from the printers, I mount the printed piece on coordinating cardstock and add any finishing touches (like ribbon, charms, brads, and jewels). I always provide a proof of what the finished product will look like so there are no surprises in the end.

The final branch to my business focuses on graphic design. I can help with marketing and promotional materials, business post cards & mailers, business card development, and banner ads. I work with an amazing local print shop for materials that need printing and have an awesome turn-around time on graphics requests.

Thank you for stopping in, and I hope you’ll stick around. I’m lots of fun.

~ Stephanie