It's noon on a Thursday. Do you know where your business plan is?

My Business Plan is Lonely

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My business plan for 2012 is lonely. There it sits, tacked up on my cork board, dangling it’s sweet Helvetica characters in my face daily. Yet, it’s almost become just another piece of paper, mixed in among the painted heart my son made with his handprints, my “angry” Lucy card from Peanuts and my little yellow sign that states, “Be Patient with Everyone.” I see my business plan daily, but I don’t look at it.

So today it was time to glance at it again. The first quarter of 2012 has passed, and it has truly been a blur. My iCal was filled with a to-do list that was no shorter than 10 projects long every week. As soon as one was checked off, one, two or even three took its place. My only focus was produce, produce, produce! But today I glanced up at my unassuming plan, and read through it. What have I accomplished so far? Am I on track? Can this year already be declared a success? In one word, Yes. And in another word, kinda-sorta, not-really. Okay. that’s 4 words. And I’m unsure if I combined them properly.

My successes:
I’ve had a consistently full pipeline of jobs. Other people are referring business my way. I’ve formed an alliance with an excellent local print shop that feeds me business weekly. I’ve kept up with my networking. I’ve grossed a tidy profit. I’ve had a new website designed. My Etsy site is thriving. I’ve limited my spending and kept up with my accounting. So far, so good.

But kinda-sort, not really:
I intended 2012 to be the Year of Education. I seriously wanted to devote myself to developing my skill set, learning new software, subscribing to online tutorials, reading more books on marketing and design and following others who know more than myself. I also have fallen short of giving back to local charities (paying myself always comes first.)

So, it’s with mixed emotions that I read-over my plan. I know where I stand now, and I know what I need to do in order to grow. Have you glanced at yours lately? Share your accomplishments! Share your short-comings! Tell me I’m not alone.

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