It’s all pixels and paper these days

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Lately I’ve noticed a shift in my business. I’m mixing pixels more with my paper. I suppose it’s nothing new. Printing out sentiments and pictures and photographs for cards has always been a part of my business, but I find now that I’m doing more graphic design than card making. And I like the shift. A lot.

So, what do you mean by graphic design, you ask? What is that? Got examples?

I now offer design services for small businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t have the software, the time or the knowledge to produce their own print materials. Who wants to figure out Illustrator to create their own logo? Or Photoshop to prep product pictures for the web? Or a combination of the 2 for tri-folds and post card mailers? If you don’t already know the software, it can quickly make your hair turn gray. Or grayer.

Enter: me. I price by the project rather than the hour. (learned that one the hard way…) I work with your ideas. Your sketches. Your desires. I like to meet with you over a cup o’ joe so that we are all on the same page. And then I get to work. And I’m fast – producing a proof within a week of our meeting. We can go back and forth twice before there are any extra charges for time, but I strive to hit the mark on the first try. I deliver final products via so that we’re not emailing giant documents back and forth, or I can save your final docs on a your thumb drive. And viola. Easy. Painless. Perfect.

What about printing? Ah. Yes. I have people that handle the printing. My people turn small print jobs around within 24-48 hours after I submit them to print. Larger quantities (500 or more) take approximately one week. The quality is superb. No worries there!

“So,” you say. “Got examples of stuff you’ve already done?”

Ab-so-smurfly. Check out this tri-fold for McFarlane Construction.

Or how about this super-yummy margarita invitation?

And for the final course – a logo for Bloomery Designs, an adorable business that specializes in custom baby shower gifts.

Bloomery Designs Logo

I thrive to reach pixelated perfection to your satisfaction. (Say that fast 3 times.) And do it in a way that fits your budget – because – quite honestly – I want you around for a long, long, long time. ‘Cuz you rock!

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