And they were all drunk…

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Every once in awhile, something cool just falls in my lap. It’s usually little – like a super-sweet sale on hot pink Converse All-Stars @ DSW Shoe Warehouse ($15!!), but sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes that something cool is a pretty big deal. And it just makes me smile for days. Or longer. It doesn’t take much.

And that something was this little YouTube sensation:

Stephanie presents at SWING – 10/14/10 – [the explanation of this post's title will come to light by watching]

It was recorded by my business coach, Dag Nybo. I didn’t ask him to record me. I swear. I just happened to glance his way once, saw him holding up his Flip camera, and refused to look that way again. Cuz you know what would happen if I did? I’d freeze. Totally. So I pretended he didn’t exist. Much easier that way. Oh – and the rest of the audience? They didn’t exist easier. I either pretended that they weren’t there or – if someone caught my eye – I’d pull a Marcia Brady and pretend they were in their underwear. It was very disarming/disturbing.

But anyway – when I first opened the link, I prepared myself for the groans that I expected would fall from my mouth like yesterday’s spearmint gum. But they didn’t come. I actually liked what I saw. *gasp!*

So now I ask you… What did you think? (oh – please watch!) Did you come away with a grasp of what I do in my biz? Did I entertain? Did I capture your attention? Would you hire me? Cuz I’d hire me. =)

Getting up in front of a group of people can truly make or break a business. It’s not enough to know that you know you can do your job. Part of it is selling yourself and convincing others that you do, indeed, know what you’re doing. And if you’re boring and they’re playing Mah Jong on their iPhone, they certainly aren’t interested in you. Isn’t that absolutely terrifying? No wonder people cut networking out of their marketing plan. It can make grown men cry. I’ve seen it happen.

But it’s late, and I’m babbling to see my own voice. I am interested in your opinion of my speech, so please, share your thoughts!

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