All is as it should be

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I have no idea what to make for dinner. I know I must feed my family. After all, it is 5:28 on a Sunday evening. And yet, here I sit. I’m not in ‘work’ mode. I’m not feeling particularly creative. I don’t really have the desire to: take all the toys upstairs to the playroom, fold laundry, collect my oldest son from playing with his friends outside, or expand on my business plan for the 4th quarter of 2010.

I simply feel reflective. And a bit upset at myself for not blogging like I should. For not updating my Etsy site like I should. For not being around as much in the evenings as I should. (Funny how a being an entrepreneur suddenly and surprisingly becomes a 24-hour a day job. Kinda like being a parent…)

I should. Yes. I should. Shouldn’t we all?

And if we thought like that… If we constantly dwelled on the “I should’s…”, nothing would ever get done. We’d all just sit around pondering what we should be doing instead of *shocker* actually doing it.

And so, I change my “I shoulds” for an “I shalls“.

This week I shall:

  • Update my Etsy site
  • Actually go to the bank
  • Check on a potential client
  • Review my business plan and see what all I have really accomplished in 2010 (and give myself a hug for all that I have done.)

Because when it comes down to it, there’s no good to be found in beating myself up. After all,

Available in packs of 10 for $12 =)

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