An Angel in our Midst

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Every Tuesday from 11:30am-1pm, you can find me at IHOP – eating those delicious whole-grain blueberry pancakes and chumming it up with a fantastic group of like-minded entrepreneurs. This lovely group, called BOBBE (Barton Oaks Business to Business Exchange), is made up of some fantastic characters. There’s Will, the magician/realtor; Marilyn, the colloquial animal-lover ¬†whose tag line states that she “trains” people and “coaches” dogs; Lance, the only-child computer techie who once earned a Commodore 64 for getting good grades (I’m just a bit jealous of this… can you tell?) and my favorite character of all – Janet, the “resident” hypnotherapist who developed the most amazing product I’ve ever seen. She created the Angel Cards.

The Angel Cards resemble a traditional deck of cards, only instead of numbers, hearts, spades and diamonds printed on each card, there’s a single printed word – words like honesty, courage, integrity, purity, hope, joy, faith, & encouragement. Everyone passes the cards around, and we all draw one. The concept behind these cards is that you have an “angel” that guides you to the card that you are supposed to draw. Whichever one you draw is an area of your life in which you’ll receive extra help through the day/week. Or it’s an area that needs your attention. Last week I drew Faith. This week, I drew Encouragement. And they were spot on.

Let’s talk about:

An no, I don’t mean in the Biblical sense. I mean in the sense that everything is gonna be alright. That no matter what, we’re still breathing (hopefully) and still functional (hopefully) and that things will work out. Ya just gotta keep going. Ya just gotta believe in yourself. Phew. Did I need to draw that card. Any business owner can tell you that we often get in our own way. Even when things are going splendidly, we may tell ourselves otherwise. And despite it all, we gotta take that huge gulp of oxygen and keep moving forward. Keep getting up in the morning. Keep evaluating. Keep the ball rolling. Keep evolving.

So after that nice dose of Faith, I drew:

Logically, I knew that this feeling of being stuck would pass, but I needed a hefty dose of encouragement… a “You Can Do It!” from my Angels. And ya know… I felt like I had just digested 10 vitamins full of B-12 after I drew that card. I kid you not. My veins coursed with energy and vitality and an urge to get out there and make my elevator move. (I have Flo Rida playing right now. My elevator is far from stuck… heehee…) I came home and instead of moping, I acted. I made a few new cards. I sent a few emails. I made a few calls. I volunteered my time. And the result? Only good things. A few orders. New fans on my Facebook page. New business connections. New friends. And a renewed sense of direction.

I love these Angel Cards. They’re like fortune cookies with fortunes that come true, but might I suggest one for the stack? This one would have 2 words instead of one…

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