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It’s no secret that I like the limelight. A lot. I kinda thrive in it. Maybe that’s because I’m the 4th child of 4 and by the time my parents got to me, they were spent and left me to my own devices. Or maybe it’s because I was once Dorothy in my 8th grade production of the Wizard of Oz & never quite got over the rush of performing. But in any case, when I get a chance to have that limelight all to myself, I make sure I do it up right. My goal is to entertain. Make ya laugh. Make ya blush. Make ya take a little notice. And definitely to keep your attention. I think I did that today with this:

Today I honored 27 different people when I spoke at the networking group I attend nearly without fail every Thursday morning at 8am – Southwest Inclusive Networking Group. I spoke for several minutes about my business, and then I decided to do something no one else has ever done. I passed out cheeky, but special awards to many of the individuals who have supported me since the very beginning. One award went to Chris Dietz with Fizbin Farms for continually bringing the farmer’s market to us every week. Another award went to Holly Mommaerts with J. Hillburn, a custom men’s clothier, for “making the ladies wanna be cross-dressers” (cuz the men’s clothes are so rockin’!!) Every award was tailored to recognize the unique businesses that grace this group.

And the awards were a raging success. I plan to break up the summer each year by recognizing those who have held me in such high regard. To those who couldn’t make it, know that I appreciate you! To those who did, I hope I was entertaining enough to keep you off your cell phone. =)

If you attended, I’d love to know what you thought of the presentation. Please leave a comment and make my day!

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