Cheers to a new beginning

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Hello and welcome – as one of my favorite radio talk show hosts, Gayle King, always exclaims at the beginning of her show. I’m so glad you found me!

I’ve given quite a bit of thought as to what exactly I want this blog to evolve into, and I’ve decided it’s going to be a great big bowl of everything. With cherries on top. You’ll get to know me, Stephanie, the artist and entrepreneur behind this whole shindig. You’ll see my creations with a little bit of “how-to” just in case you wanna give what you see a whirl yourself. I’ll be passing along info on cool promotions, showcasing new cards and “products”, and I’ll be using this small hole in the web as a dumping ground for ideas. And it will rock – because I pour my heart, my energy and all my Year-of-the-Tiger prowess into everything I do.

I think I’ve been going to a little too much TaeKwonDo lately. The last paragraph almost came out like I was sparring you, the reader. I’m sorry! Did I come off a little too strong? Perhaps I should soften it up with this:

Copyright 2010 Freshly Cut Cards

Isn’t this the most precious photograph? One of my favorite customers (btw – you are all my favorites!) sent me a scan of the original photograph which was faded with age and filled with scratches and lines. I dumped the sweet thing into Photoshop and went to work adding some tint and removing the scratches. I printed the result on textured cardstock and filled in the negative space with the “Happy Birthday” message. The result made me tear up.

So, bring me your tired, worn photographs, and I’ll return them to you as an archival-safe treasure that will make you cry sweet tears of joy. And the cost? $6.50 for most custom cards. How’s that for awesome?

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